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Collaboration with Overseas Agents

Ideal Estates (ALTSO member) works with real estate agents around the world. We understand that the agent is the most important assistant to the client providing reliable support for the buyer in their own country. Therefore, we value mutually beneficial collaboration, trusting partnerships with agents in order to conduct excellent work, giving your client maximum attention and care.

Understanding specialized areas of the real estate marketWhether you’re a novice or a veteran sales agent, there are always areas of the real estate market you don’t know. By collaborating with agents in a particular niche such as properties in Turkey, you know exactly who to reach out to if you ever have a question. Even if you’re knowledgeable about the specific topic, specialized agents such as Ideal Estates could provide a different perspective. Over the years, we have been trusted by dozens of foreign partners.

But how to choose the right one, from many real estate agenciesIdeal Estates is run by a fully accredited and licenced real estate agent, experienced in selling in Turkey. We deal with customers speaking English, Russian, German, Swedish and Finnish because we want the whole process to be clear for the customer. The contracts are also signed in those languages, and thanks to that, there are no ambiguities. The after-sales services, which because of the specific character of the holiday properties, are very important, are offered in various languages.
All these elements guarantee that our common customer will be satisfied. All the details, working standards and collaboration conditions are specified in our agent’s agreements.

Advantages of Working with Ideal Estates?

  • We immediate response to your request for information, so the client doesn’t wait for their requested real estate options, as is the case with other foreign real estate agencies.
  • We work honestly and transparently, informing you about every step of interaction with your potential buyer.
  • We immediately pay the agency fee in full as soon as the transaction is completed and payment is received from the client.
  • We offer an inspection trip to our most active agents so that you can provide personalized information to your clients.
  • We collaborate with real Estate agencies, legal consultants, solicitors, and immigration program advisors and other professionals who work in the real estate industry.
  • Customer satisfaction is guaranteed as we provide expert sales and after-sales service.

How the Collaboration Works?

  • If you have a customer, you must schedule an Inspection Trip.
  • You must send an email to once you have scheduled a viewing trip with the customer. Letting us know customer flight details and portfolio requirements.
  • We’ll send you a reservation e-mail template containing the customer’s contact information, from our respective team member in Turkey.
  • The next day, you receive a report on your customers’ Inspection Tour such as transfer and accommodation details. As well as details of the properties they will be shown.

What We Expect from our Partners

  • Follow up with your customer and get them ready for the viewing tour.
  • We should be the sole agency.
  • Our property portfolio’s sales prices and specifications should not be changed,. The best policy is to be honest.
  • Based on our shared principles, we hope to develop a long-term property partnership.

Collaborating with Professional Freelancers in Property Sales

We’re looking for Professional Freelancers for Real Estate Collaboration!

Ideal Estates is one of the most well-known real estate agencies in Turkey. We deal with many customers and property developers and therefore have the best offers guaranteed. We also have extensive legal experience and knowledge to ensure safe transactions.

A mutual real estate investment partnership agreement has a lot of benefits. The following are our guiding principles and advantages for forming a long-term freelance partnership with us:
  • As a real estate professional, it’s easy to think that you’re on your own. Although you’re part of a brokerage, you’re usually working by yourself with your clients on your schedule, collaborating with us can improve your skills and abilities, develop friendships, reduce costs, and create a better work-life balance.
  • Of course, the most obvious advantage here is convenience and flexibility. Working in a co-working office like Ideal Estates means you won’t have to worry about rigid office hours. You can come and leave at your chosen times. This is why real estate professionals feel comfortable working with us. You can enjoy various options such as a dedicated desk, or a private office, among others.
  • Co-working with Ideal Estates ensures you have access to high-speed Internet, videoconferencing and other technologies included as part of the cooperation. In addition, we offer support staff who can answer calls and tend to your clients while you are away, ensuring no business opportunity is missed.
  • With no rental costs, this gives you the chance to work in a premium business space – complete with all the equipment and facilities you need – without breaking the bank. You won’t have to pay for the internet and the cleaners every single month! Plus you won’t have to deal with costly long-term lease contracts.
  • Real estate professionals can benefit from collaborating with our overseas agencies on their projects. And the results can be rewarding and profitable as they will provide valuable leads for you.
As a result of the above advantages, many self-employed professionals have gravitated to Co-working with Ideal Estates where we provide the perks of a large, modern office and collaboration with overseas agencies.


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