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Real Estate Valuation Report in Turkey

Real Estate Valuation Report

Understanding the Real Estate Valuation Report in Turkey The real estate valuation report (Gayrimenkul Değerleme Raporu) is a crucial document in Turkey that both real estate buyers and sellers must be familiar with. This process plays a key role in determining the value of a property. Given the recent surge in the Turkish property market and the substantial influx of foreign buyers,...

Foreign Investors Preferred Antalya

Foreign Investors Preferred Antalya

Foreign Investors Preferred Antalya In Turkey, housing sales to foreigners amounted to 30,599 between January and October, with Antalya leading the way with 11,303 units sold. The sales to foreign investors experienced a 52.9% decrease in October compared to the same month the previous year, totaling 2,535 units. In October, foreign investors preferred Antalya and Alanya within the...

Properties Foreigners can Buy in Alanya

Properties Foreigners can Buy in Alanya

Properties Foreigners Can Buy in Alanya The Types of Real Estate Available for Foreigners to Buy in Alanya, Turkey Alanya, a coastal gem located in the Antalya province of Turkey, has been a prime destination for real estate investment by foreigners in recent years. Its stunning Mediterranean coastline, rich history, and affordable property prices make it an attractive location for those seeking a second...

Alanya'da Satılık Emlak

Property for Sale in Alanya

Property for Sale in Alanya by Ideal Estates Ideal Estates holds a leading position in the real estate market for property for sale in Alanya and has been providing high-quality real estate solutions to clients for years. If you are considering purchasing a second home or an investment property in Alanya, we are here to offer you the perfect options. Here are the advantages of choosing Ideal Estates for...

5W1H in Real Estate

The 5W1H Approach to Real Estate

The 5W1H Approach To Real Estate In Turkey The 5W1H approach to Real Estate in Turkey will answer your questions of; Who, Why, Where, What, When, and How to buy property in Turkey. The WHO in 5W1H Who Can Buy Property In Turkey? Only citizens of the countries determined by Presidential Decree may acquire real estate and limited rights in REM in our country. The legal grounds...

Buying an Apartment

Buying an Apartment in Turkey

Buying an apartment in Turkey is easier than ever. Foreign investment in Turkey's real estate market has recently gained traction, attracting growing interest. Straddling Asia and Europe, Turkey has captured the attention of investors in recent years. Under Turkish law, foreign citizens face no restrictions when purchasing apartments. Iraqi, Iranian, Kuwaiti, Russian, and Saudi Arabian nationals are among...

Türkiye'deki Yabancı Yatırımlar Artıyor

Foreign Investment in Turkey Grows

Foreign Investment in Turkey - Official Figures According to official Turkish statistics, between 2003 and 2017, foreign investment in Turkey grew exponentially. Foreigners bought properties worth 42 billion USD in Turkey. The real estate sector saw a significant increase in interest from foreigners before 2013, when a new law eliminated the need for reciprocal buying rights between nations, making it...

Uluslararası Gayrimenkul Hisse Senedi Borsası

International Property Stock Exchange

Turkey plans to launch an international property stock exchange, allowing properties within the country to be marketed globally. In 2017, Deputy Prime Minister Nurettin Canikli announced that banks were facing difficulties financing the construction sector. In search of alternatives, the government devised a solution to sustain the growth of the revitalized industry. The solution arrived at was the...

Müşteri Hizmetleri

Customer Services

Ideal Estates is a real estate company that prides itself on providing exceptional customer services to its clients. Whether you're looking to buy, sell, or rent a property, the team at Ideal Estates is dedicated to making the process as smooth and stress-free as possible. Wide Range of Services One of the key ways that Ideal Estates provides excellent customer service is by offering a wide range of...

Gayrimenkul Satış ve Pazarlama

Kiinteistöjen myynti ja markkinointi

Ideal Estates -kiinteistömarkkinointistrategia Kiinteistöjen Myynti ja markkinointi ovat kokeneet merkittävän muutoksen viime vuosina, teknologian ja internetin ansiosta Ideal Estates on sopeutunut yrityksenä vastaavasti. Perinteiset mainontamenetelmät, kuten sanomalehdet, julisteet ja esitteet, on korvattu nykyaikaisilla digitaalisen markkinoinnin strategioilla, jotka ovat yhä tehokkaampia....

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