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Real Estate in Turkey-Legal Responsibilities

Legal Responsibilities Associated with Real Estate in Turkey

Last Updated on 13 marraskuun, 2023 by Aydoğan Aknar

Understanding the Legal Responsibilities Associated with Real Estate in Turkey

Investing in real estate in Turkey has gained immense popularity, thanks to its economic and natural allure. However, this lucrative venture with real estate in Turkey comes with its own set of obligations and legal responsibilities.

1. Property Tax: A Fundamental Obligation

Property owners in Turkey are mandated to pay property taxes, a levy determined by municipal bodies. Ranging from 0.1% to 0.3% of the property’s value, this annual tax is assessed every four years. The tax rates hinge on the property type and location, distinguishing between metropolitan and normal municipalities.

2. Cleaning Up Environment Tax

According to Article 44 of the Municipality Law, residents and businesses within municipal boundaries are obligated to pay a cleaning up environment tax. The tax is contingent on water consumption, with rates varying in metropolitan and other municipalities.

3. Compulsory Earthquake Insurance

Compulsory Earthquake Insurance is a mandatory safeguard against earthquake-related damages. Governed by the Turkish Catastrophe Insurance Pool, it covers damages such as fires, explosions, and landslides resulting from earthquakes.

4. Condominium Ownership

Condominium Law in Turkey states that owners share responsibilities for maintaining and protecting common areas, adhering to the management plan, and paying attention to debts incurred by apartment owners.

4.1 Maintenance and Protection

Owners bear joint and several liabilities for preserving the property’s strength, beauty, and architectural design.

4.2 Restrictions on Alterations

Any alterations in common areas require written consent from four-fifths of all apartment owners unless deemed necessary by a court.

4.3 Financial Responsibilities

In proportion to their land share, owners must pay insurance premiums, maintenance, preservation, and repair costs.

4.4 Insurance Contracts

The condominium’s management board may negotiate conditions for insuring the property.

4.5 Obligation to Transfer Ownership

Owners violating others’ rights through non-payment or non-compliance may face demands for the transfer of their ownership rights.

5. Expropriation: A Governmental Power

In certain cases, the government may need to acquire private real estate without the owner’s consent, defined as expropriation. This typically occurs for public service projects, and the government must provide fair compensation.

5.1 Conditions for Expropriation

Governments can expropriate properties necessary for public services, paying the price in cash or installments.

5.2 Payment Regulations

Upfront cash payments are necessary for large projects, and individuals can pay the remaining amounts in installments with accrued interest, not exceeding five years.

Investing in Turkish real estate is undoubtedly rewarding, but understanding and complying with these legal obligations are paramount. Property owners must navigate property taxes, environmental levies, insurance requirements, and condominium rules to ensure a seamless investment journey.

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